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Sales Letter #1This letter explains why I designed Tri-Ripped and teaches people that they don’t have to look like skinny weaklings to be triathletes.

In this letter, I’m going to tell you about a problem when it comes to competing in endurance sports, and actually having a nice body.

At first glance, triathletes appear to be a pretty fit group. At least with our clothes on.

Upon closer inspection, however, it’s pretty typical among the triathlon crowd to have tiny arms, a thin and weak neck and a stick-like midsection, with a little bit of fat in the belly and waist.

It’s that “skinny-fat” look.

If that doesn’t describe you, perhaps you’re the opposite: you look like you should be playing football or rugby instead of riding a bicycle and running – meaning you have relatively dense muscle, covered with evenly distributed fat in the back, stomach, hips and thighs.

I call this the “fit but fat” look.

Regardless of which camp you fall into, you possess the ability and genetics for your body to be much more impressive.

Sure – as a actively exercising triathlete, you are definitely fitter than the average person, but what most triathletes don’t realize is that based on the amount of time you spend exercising, you can look much, much better than you actually do, and really have an incredible body.

Just imagine if your arms were cut and defined, your chest and shoulders were “stacked”, your waistline was tapered like a V, your stomach was flat and hard, and your legs were sleek, curvaceous and athletic.

The ultimate triathlon body.

That’s a look that you can totally achieve as a triathlete, without giving up speed.

In other words, there is no reason that you can’t look good naked, have supreme confidence about your body and sexiness, be able to look good at the gym and on the beach, and still be lightning quick and kick ass in triathlon.

That’s why I designed Tri-Ripped.

In the next letter, I’ll be telling you exactly how you can still have muscle and be a fast endurance athlete. In the meantime, you can check out a video that tells you more about Tri-Ripped by clicking here (INSERT YOUR CLICKBANK AFFILIATE LINK HERE).


Sales Letter #2This letter explains how you can still have muscle and be a fast endurance athlete.

In the last letter, you learned that you don’t have to look like a skinny weakling to be fast at triathlon, and you can actually have good looking muscles and still swim, bike and run fast.

Wait a second. Isn’t extra muscle bad for an endurance sport like triathlon?

It absolutely can be – and you’re preaching to the choir.

You see, before I got into triathlon, I was a 210 pound bodybuilder with 3% body fat.

I sucked down protein shakes every day, usually 4-5 of them, and lived at the gym – doing full body weight training routines 3-4 days a week and filling in the gaps with extra weightlifting on the off-days.

Then I switched to triathlon.

That first triathlon nearly killed me. My dense muscular body nearly sunk on the swim, my excessive muscle weight was like an anchor when climbing hills on the bike, and by the time I got halfway through the run, my muscle-bound back had locked up and my muscular chest hurt from bouncing up and down.

But it’s not that a little extra muscle is not helpful for endurance sports. As a matter of fact, weight training and muscle development has been proven in studies to help with nerve recruitment, strength and power while running and cycling, and faster times for distance swimming.

It’s just that the muscle has to be developed in the right way, and high-set, single-joint, bodybuilder-style training is not the way to do.

In other words, even if you want to have a nice body and still do triathlons, trying to be a bodybuilder-triathlete or use traditional weightlifting methods is a very, very bad idea.

Instead, I designed Tri-Ripped to be just the opposite: a program that quickly adds incredibly functional muscle and athleticism while giving you the body of your dreams and making you fast for triathlon.

In the next letter, I’ll explain exactly what you get in the Tri-Ripped triathlon training program. In the meantime, you can see a video that tells you more about Tri-Ripped by clicking here (INSERT YOUR CLICKBANK AFFILIATE LINK HERE).


Sales Letter #3This letter explains exactly what is included with the full Tri-Ripped package.

In the last two letters, you learned that triathletes don’t have to be skinny or weak, and how to actually add functional lean muscle that still allows you to swim, bike and run fast.

So how does the Tri-Ripped triathlon training program do this?

First, you have access to over 200 pages of pure content – the 8 month Tri-Ripped training program that takes you from zero to hero, with options for Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman and full Ironman distances, and beginner to advanced training levels. And this training program involves absolutely zero guess work – I tell you when to swim, bike, run, lift, cross-train, recover and eat – with detailed and specific instructions.

Not only will you have your workouts completely designed for you on every day of the week, but you’ll also have a separate Tri-Ripped Training Log that allows you to record all you workouts, tests and improvements, so you can pinpoint your progress with laser accuracy.

Next, you’re given the inside scoop on my proven nutritional methods, delicious recipes and dietary supplements for fueling your body with the clean-burning energy necessary to thrive in triathlon and melt away fat. To dress up your nutrition plan even more, I include a Tri-Ripped Supplements Guide that includes detailed usage descriptions and specially brokered deals on any of the pills or powders recommended to you in the program.

But that’s not all.

I’ve also recorded two proprietary, never-before-revealed audio programs that are jam packed with pure gold when it comes to getting the ultimate triathlon body. One is called “Lightning-Fast Recovery Secrets”, and the other is “Tri-Ripped Testosterone Enhancing Secrets”. I guarantee that these audios contain insider information I have not talked about in podcasts, interviews, or anywhere else.

Finally, to fill in the gaps and ensure your success, I’m giving you complete 24-7 access to myself and the entire Tri-Ripped community via the Tri-Ripped Facebook page. This means you own me as your private consultant to answer your questions as you progress through the program, you have the support of the others who are doing the program, and you also get to meet the rest of the Tri-Ripped clan that you’re going to be seeing at races and events.

The entire program is available in both digital and hard copy formats, and it also includes a free TrainingPeaks version for you TrainingPeaks users. 

As you can see, Tri-Ripped is by far the most comprehensive program I have ever designed, and it was written with one laser-specific goal:

To give you the ultimate triathlon body.

You can check out Tri-Ripped right now by clicking here (INSERT YOUR CLICKBANK AFFILIATE LINK HERE). In the next letter, I’ll explain how Tri-Ripped is different than other triathlon training programs.


Sales Letter #4this letter explains how Tri-Ripped is different than other triathlon training programs.

In the last letter, you learned about the ultimate triathlon body training program, training log, supplements guide and audio programs that are included in Tri-Ripped.

So how is Tri-Ripped any different than popular fitness programs like GymJones, Crossfit, P90X, Beach Body Insanity and other trendy workouts that some triathletes are ineffecitvely trying to use and meld with triathlon training?

The answer is simple: those programs were designed for the general fitness enthusiast – and then somebody realized they could make money by selling these programs to triathletes, so they twisted, torqued and warped the program in a failed attempt to make it somehow work with triathlon training.

But in the end, every single one of these popular fitness programs started for the average gymgoer, not the triathlete.

In contrast, Tri-Ripped was written by a seasoned triathlete, for triathletes. It started with the pure premise that you are a triathlete, you will be swimming, cycling and running, and if you want to have a nice body, your program needs to combine triathlon training with a unique style of cross-training that can make you sexy as hell.

So rather than “fighting” a program like Crossfit, or Beach Body, or anything else, and frustratingly trying to “make it work” for your swimming, cycling and running, you can now simply waltz straight to Tri-Ripped and have it all beautifully laid out for you and ready for you to dive right in with zero guesswork.

Speaking of which, it’s time to get started. It’s time for you to get your ultimate triathlon body.

Just click here to get started today (INSERT YOUR CLICKBANK AFFILIATE LINK HERE).